Do you need cell phone repair in San Marcos or the surrounding cities? Repair Lounge and Phone City is California’s premier independent repair service for your cellphones, tablets and more.

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Save Your Money for Something You Really Want


Smart phones are great, but sooner or later they are bound to break. From broken screens to faulty components, there is no shortage of delicate pieces that can become inadvertently damaged. With modern phones costing nearly one thousand dollars, do you really want to go out and buy a new one? Don’t panic, put down your wallet, take a breath, and call us. Our experienced technicians are able to fix virtually any problem and return your phone to working order -- all for a fraction of the cost of a new phone.

Instead of dropping a grand on a new phone, why not spend the money on something you really want or need? Since our most of our repairs come with a lifetime warranty, you know that the investment is worthwhile and that your phone is in good hands. Just imagine what else you could do with that money instead; it could help pay your rent or mortgage for the month, or even go toward a down payment on a new car. Most importantly, don’t forget that there are new and better models coming out every year, so the longer you hold off on buying a phone, the better your next one will be.


Quick Solutions for People Who Hate Waiting


Not only is phone repair more affordable than purchasing a new smart phone, it is also faster most of the time. When you buy a new phone you have to take the time to get it set back up the way you like, patch it with the latest updates, and if you are lucky enough to have all of your files backed up you have to spend time putting them back on your phone. Unless your motherboard has died, most of the time we are able to restore your phone to working condition without data loss, saving you all of the hassle of setting up a new phone, so visit us today for smart phone repair services that save time and money.